In case we haven’t met, my name is Jonathan and this is my first blog – JBS are my initials and a nickname some know me by.

My reason for starting this blog stemmed from my decision to go on a year sabbatical, and I thought this would probably be a good way of sharing my experiences with family, friends and well.. anyone else who is curious I guess.

Additionally.. although this website is predominantly focused on travel and my sabbatical trip in 2012, I decided not to only limit myself to this topic – so you will also find a number of other interests that I have written or will be sharing information about – namely harmonica playing, the Dominic memory system, technology and so on. A number of times friends have asked me for my nuggets of wisdom, so it occurred to me rather than repeat myself or send the same email a number of times, it would make sense to write it up here instead!

And just for fun, here are a few things you may not know about me:

  • Childhood ambition: to become a rubber duck qwak qwak
  • Instruments I can noodle about on
    • piano
    • flute
    • guitar
    • harmonica
    • accordion
    • steel pans
    • some percussion
  • Food I hate
    • Tuna fish (especially the variety that comes in a can)
    • Tomatoes (although ketchup, pasata and sundried is fine)
    • Cooked mushrooms bleeerrrgghhh
    • Avacado
  • Prisons visited.. as a visitor, not an inmate of course
    • San Pedro in La Paz Bolivia
    • El Inca’s women’s prison in Quito, Ecuador
    • Saughton Prison in Edinburgh
  • Languages spoken
    • Fluently: English, French, Spanish
    • Intermediate: Portuguese
    • Basic: Italian and Dutch
  • World records I have participated in:
    •  the largest number of people playing ukelele together, set in London
  • I have been ordained as a priest by the Universal Life Church, so if you need someone to preside over a wedding or funeral, just let me know!
  • Andrea Villalba S.

    me alegra mucho que emprendas este nuevo viaje a conocer cosas nuevas, te envio mucha suerte desde Colombia para que te valla bien y por supuesto encuentres buenas persona y si es caso el amor de tu vida y te cases jajajjajajajaj.

    • http://www.whereisjbs.com Jonathan Baillie Strong

      Gracias mi baliarina preferida! Te enviare cartas postales y la invitacion de boda jejeje

  • Lediperez

    A yar sabattical… that is great… I am very jelous … I will be certanlt following your blog x

    • http://www.whereisjbs.com Jonathan Baillie Strong

      thanks ledi.. are you thinking of taking one some day as well?

  • http://www.yoldaolmak.com/ Kemal Kaya

    How you don’t like delicious tomatoes mate!! I love and always miss to eat it. I am going back to Thailand in a few days. What is your next plan?

    • http://www.whereisjbs.com Jonathan Baillie Strong

      I’m in Pakse, heading to 4000 islands tomorrow, Cambodia after that.. enjoy Thailand… again!