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Souvenirs d’un voyage a Bali

For English speaking readers: This is an email I wrote to a friend of mine considering moving to Bali some day – written in French as she doesn’t speak too much English, I thought it would be worth including here. You can use google translate to read it in English if you like.

Pour les Francophones: voici un extrait d’un email que j’ai ecrit a une amie qui pense de peut etre s’installer a Bali un jour.. (desole pour les accents qui manquent, mais c’est difficil avec le iphone ou le clavier australien..)
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Running away from los puercos in Istanbul

Istanbul was the first stop on my sabbatical trip as it was the furthest Easyjet would take me from London towards my eventual intended destination – New Zealand for my cousin’s wedding in February. I had been warned that the weather would be crap in December, that the taxi drivers would rip you off, and about the various scams, including the one where the unsuspecting traveller is lured by the offer of friendship, booze & company of hot women; which had all made me slightly anxious. However, as I found out, there was nothing to worry about… apart from the undercover police we ran away from (more on that later).

Istanbul by night

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