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Barcelona recommendations

I have just got back from spending a weekend in Barcelona, with a swiss girlfriend of mine who had never been there before. I was already pretty familiar with the city, having first visited back in 2004 during my erasmus year in Salamanca when I came to stay with a local family of a friend of mine and hear some DJs bang out the ones and twos at the Sonar electronic music festival. Subsequent visits brought more memories and good times; couchsurfing en route to Cuba where I stayed with a trapeze artist and partied with hippies on a rooftop terrace; my most recent visit last year with another lady friend from Colombia where we rode around on a motorcycle with a side car.. most people know about the main sites i.e. the ramblas, the gaudi buildings and the sagrada famillia, here are some other recommendations and pieces of advice based on my experiences I thought would be worth sharing for anyone planning to visit:

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