Buying a tailor made suit in Thailand

Buying a suit in Bangkok is a popular activity for many travellers passing through, with its reputation for kick ass threads and comparatively cheap prices to what they can buy back home. There is an abundance of tailors to be found in many parts of the city, and there will be no shortage of salesmen trying to get you into their shop at any given opportunity.

Having read the excellent advice given here, and researched independent reviews, I decided to go with Excelsior tailors. Their shop is somewhat well hidden off one of the main roads in Silom, so this was already an indication that they were a different class from the rip-off merchants found hustling customers on Kho San Road.
The owner, Sonny, of Indian descent was very welcoming, accommodating and arranged a free pick up from my hostel to take me to the shop.

The shop, Sonny and me

On inspection of the photos on the wall I noticed that celebrities including Elijah Woods had frequented the tailor (apologies for the fuzzy picture below, unintentional!), and I suppose that with my visit they’ll have a new addition to this collection.

They even had a picture of some Bavarian dresses which they had made copies of for some German clientele!

Cheer up girls!!!

The business had been running for over 43 years, mainly relied on mouth-to-mouth recommendations and the prices were extremely reasonable.
After having the initial measurements done, I went back for a fitting, and was very happy with the outcome. The trousers in particular have a really nice shape to them and the attention to detail is very noticeable.

Mr Suave, check me out

Sonny arranged for the suit to be sent to my cousin’s wedding in Thailand, once I have the final product, I will be posting more pictures!

Posted from Mueang Phuket, Phuket, Thailand.

  • Annalise

    We wanna see the finished product! x

    • Jonathan Baillie Strong

      It’ll have to wait until February the 16th when I arrive in NZ!

  • David Beehan

    I had a suit, jacket and shirt made in Phuket in 2007. I fitted them on the other day and realised I must have been in really good shape when I got them made!! Just warning you!!

  • Nils

    How was Excelsior ?