Kuala Lumpur’s poop restaurant

Wondering through the third floor of the Sungei Wang Plaza mall in Kuala Lumpur, I found myself staring in amazement at rows of toilets which appeared to have been left for the general public to do their business right out in the open?! Surely not.

It turned out this is actually a “concept restaurant” called T-bowl, the brainchild of a retarded visionary entrepreneur, as their poop-cartoon-character animated menu and website reads:

The restaurant was originated by the founder, Samuel while he was sitting on a toilet bowl one day. All of a sudden he has an idea of eating while sitting in the toilet bowl just as in the movie directed by Anthony Wong a few years ago. (…) This restaurant has designed base on the bathroom concept; where the toilet bowl used as seat, basin as dining table, mini toilet bowls as food bowl. Beside that, this restaurant has 3 cute and meaningful main theme characters call the Tbros (Toilet Brothers) such as the toilet bowl, stool and shower.

Sample menu.. with complimentary toothbrush

The food comes with toilet-themed-receptacles, an example being the honey lemon tea in urinal cups:

The food itself, I was glad, did not taste like crap, but was pretty mediocre.

mmm.. poop ice cream

Apparently T-bowl are actively seeking partners for new franchises. Somehow I can’t see this catching on in Europe..

Posted from Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand.